Emerging from a “hidden champion” of the healthcare consulting industry and from an international top management consultancy.

Who we are

Emerging from a “Hidden Champion” of the healthcare consulting industry and from an international top management consultancy, we are a well-functioning team already for several years and worked with our clients on various growth and development projects.

We eventually decided to found our own consulting business because we see high demand from companies committed to sustainable, meaningful products and services that are looking for comprehensive support on business know-how and management consulting that delivers actionable results and not just concepts.

The goal of our consulting service is always the highest possible success for all parties involved. Being in the role of an entrepreneur ourselves helps us to develop even better solutions together with and for our clients.

Dr. Julia Templin
Business Economist and Biochemist

As a biochemist (PhD) and business economist (MBA), Julia has over 12 years of professional and consulting experience with a focus on healthcare industries.

She first applied her expertise in strategy consulting at B-LUE Management Consulting, the hidden champion in the healthcare sector. Later she worked at the global player Bain & Company. As a strategist for corporate growth and development, Julia is founding partner of ELIXIR Management Consultants.

Julia’s consulting activities especially focus on companies in life science and healthcare industries.

Julia as a private person:

As a nature lover and adventurer, I am drawn to the daring areas of this planet. Imprinting experiences and meaningful encounters with human beings are my personal source of energy.


Phone: +49 152 5107 1659

Felix Kriegeskotte
Business Economist and Psychologist

As an applied psychologist and business economist (MBA), Felix has more than seven years of experience in strategy and organizational consulting, focusing on healthcare industries.

He first contributed his competencies as a strategy expert to B-LUE Management Consulting, Hidden Champion in the healthcare sector, and later worked as a freelance consultant for startups. As a specialist for corporate strategy and growth, Felix is founding partner of ELIXIR Management Consultants.

Felix feels particularly at home working for ambitious companies in the healthcare industry.

Felix as a private person:

The world is my castle. Changing perspectives by traveling to remote cultures and countries inspires me tremendously. Whether on land, in the air or in the water – there is always something new to discover and be fascinated by.


Phone: +49 152 5107 3009

As member of the Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg e.V. we look forward to strengthening Hamburg as location for life science and healthcare companies.